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Total Immersion

Total Immersion

Explore History Through a New Medium

Our Approach

Achieve Immersion through Strategy Games

Total Immersion is a multimedia course in history, using primary sources, documentaries, and contemporary writings to immerse our students in the period of discussion.


We use the Total War franchise of strategy games to make our lessons tangible and allow our students to inhabit ancient worlds. After exploring and analysing historical events and their context, we allow students to engage in multiplayer battles and campaigns together, replicating the content of our lessons and allowing them to both express their appreciation of history and to cement their understanding of it. 

Marble Surface

The Breadth of Our Study

Join us on a journey from Pre-Classical Greece to the Fall of Rome in our Ancient Mediterranean session, where we'll delve deep into the constant and dynamic strife that engulfed the Mediterranean through antiquity. In Greek History, We'll discuss the Peloponnesian War, The Greco-Persian Wars, and the Wars of Philip II and his son, Alexander the Great. In Roman History, We'll take a look at the early expansion of the Roman Republic, as well as its epochal Punic Wars, and Caesar's Gallic Wars.

Journey through an epic millennium

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