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About Total Immersion

In the classic History class, students read primary documents, hear bullet-pointed summaries of events, and see google images of the ruins of ancient civilizations. They imagine what it must have been like to see these societies at their prime. Of course, they can only guess at what they might have looked like, and our imaginations are only so powerful. Until recent technology unlocked the past, it existed only in our mind's eye. Now, modern technologies have enabled us to pair our schooling with accurate virtual representations of the periods we study. 

At Total Immersion, we will first learn about and analyze significant events in both Roman and Greek history, before immersing ourselves in the times. We will debate possible courses of action, stepping into the shoes of famous statesmen and orators. We will enjoy the music of the society, and we will write pieces in character. Finally, we will utilize Rome 2  to walk in the footsteps of the great strategists of history, honing our own tactical thinking in the process. 

Clouds in Sky

Gabriel Silver

Gabriel Silver is a creator at heart. An avid educator in a variety of disciplines, he's taught private drum lessons, music production, scored short films, and co-founded Soundscapes, a program designed to leverage young students' musical talents to create personally meaningful, multidisciplinary art projects. Although he might say that music is his passion, he's been a constant consumer of historical texts and documentaries for over a decade. His knowledge of antiquity is exceeded only by his drive to learn more and his passion in sharing what he's discovered

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Blue Skies

Elias Silver

Elias is a mentor at heart. He has taught history, math, and writing since entering high school and in his junior year coached 60 freshman in debate as Novice Director. By the end of his senior year, he was ranked 1st in public forum debate nationwide. He loves to see others excel in areas he has worked hard to master, and in 2019 founded Rising Leaders - a program where students address social issues in a multidisciplinary way.

However, if Elias had to choose one passion above all else, it would be history. Together with his brother he has studied countless eras of global history and cannot wait for this summer to share his perspectives on the past with you!

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